Post by dazedland » July 5th, 2005, 1:14 pm
Hi Everyone!

I got the photos of my wax today from WF and wanted to get opinions on how you think it looks, I am having a hard time visualizing from the wax to reality.

1. Does the halo look like it may be to big (i.e. firegoddess''s halo before it was reset into a smaller halo) and can a larger halo look nice if this is the case.

2. "Please let him know that there is no difference in appearance by
turning the stone. also we cannot place the bars in the gallery due to the
size of the stone as it would close the gallery and would not look
good." <-- This is what the jeweler said about making the setting exactly like Lovey''s I am kind of happy that it will be a little different because I''d like it to be somewhat original. The only thing is, is that although I like what they did with the gallery Lovey''s diamond is a 1.52 and mine is a 1.45 so really not much difference, although he is from WF and probably knows what he is talking about.

3. When they create a wax do they not include the prongs (because I am hoping for the double claws.)

Before I drive myself crazy I''d like to get your opinions on the photos of the wax. Thanks wonderful PSrs!!!
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