Post by jpcrecom » September 16th, 2009, 11:56 am
Google brought me. The "when?" discussions have occurred, and I''m probably about 4-6 months away from popping the question.

So I figured I''d start researching fully on the types. I''ve read a bunch of online guides, but there still is some cloudyness as to what specifications I should choose for the ring.

Cut: From my research, I know it''s the most important characteristic, but I don''t know what specific range I should be looking for. It will be a round cut.

Carat: She wants 2 carats. Spending as much money on a ring as I would on a car makes my blood boil, but that''s what she wants. A 2 carat ring with a very nice cut are the base guidelines.

Color: I''ve heard people say that the minimum I should go down to is "I", while other sites say "H" or even "G" offer the best value while still looking excellent to the naked eye.

Clarity: Like color, I''m unsure where I should be looking. While some are saying SI1 at a minimum, others are saying VSI2.

Cost: I take home about $5,500 a month and it looks like a 2 carat ring that was even color I and clarity SI will be about $11k just for the loose diamond (to put in a ring she''s already "hinted" that she wants. However, I also have over $200k saved, so in her mind, I shouldn''t really have a budget. So what is my budget? As little as humanly possible while getting her the 2 carat ring (or just under) she wants without having the ring not look cheap. I realize it''s probably going to cost between $10k-20k. I just want it as low as possible.

So what say you? what range would you recommend looking at in the color and clarity scale for me? What are the appropriate minimums where the naked, untrained eye can''t really tell the difference.

I''ve looked through a few pages of threads and haven''t seen anything with this topic. Sorry if it''s already been covered. Just link me.