Post by dallasstar12 » February 1st, 2010, 2:37 pm
Hi everyone,

I have been reading some of the threads on various insurance policies, and a number of the threads are significantly older and was hoping someone has more recent information on experiences with insurance policies and comments (positive or negative) on repair/replace policies (e.g. GemShield) versus cash-back policies (e.g. Chubb).

The typical repair/replacement policy is appealing because the annual cost is significantly lower than a cash-value return policy.  However, what concerns me are the policy terms of the replacement policies which state they will replace the loss with a "like kind and quality"...This policy language seems very vague and subject to abuse in the event of a loss.

Has anyone ever had a positive/negative experience with GemShield or any similar replacement policy on a claim?

Any recommendations on a good insurance policy to go with?  A policy with worldwide coverage is crucial.

Thanks to all!