Post by rxfudd » May 31st, 2003, 5:46 am
I'm the med student with the small budget who posted a few days ago - I've narrowed my search to these few diamonds. Please remember that my budget is about $1000-1100 for the diamond alone, but I'd go up a bit if everyone thinks it's really necessary and that it would be worth my money. Please tell me which you would pick and why:

- Round, GIA graded, 0.50 carat, ideal cut (H&A), color H, clarity SI2, 60.2% depth, 57% table, $987.00
- Round, GIA graded, 0.59 carat, ideal cut (H&A), color I, clarity SI2, 60.0% depth, 56% table, $1169.00
- Round, GIA graded, 0.51 carat, ideal cut (NOT H&A), color G, clarity SI2, 61.9% depth, 57% table, $1020.00
- Round, GIA graded, 0.53 carat, ideal cut (NOT H&A), color I, clarity SI2, Depth 60.1%, table 57%, $1058.00

I know that these four diamonds are very, very similar - I suppose that's why I'm having such a hard time, since the $200 between the lowest and highest priced diamond of the four is the difference between being in and out of my budget. What do you think? Between choices 1 and 2, is the extra 0.09 carats balanced by the extra price and lower color? Or should I take the intermediate route (choice 3 or 4), which is not H&A but has a lower price and decent numbers? Thanks very much.