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I''ve been working with my family jeweler for some time to find the right stone for the right price...  I''m trying to make a decision if the diamond that I''ve listed below is "the one" for the setting that I have, which is a 14K white gold solitare setting with 6 side stones.  What does everyone think?  How does this hold up (perform) against the various tests that I''ve seen folks run for others in my situation?

I can obtain this stone for $9,500 out the door.

GIA Report Number: 16283811
Report Type: GIA Diamond Grading Report
Date of Issue: September 26, 2007
Round Brilliant
Measurements: 7.45 - 7.47 x 4.43 mm

Carat Weight: 1.51
Color Grade: I
Clarity Grade: SI1
Cut Grade: Very Good

Depth: 59.4 %
Table: 61 %
Crown Angle: 33°
Crown Height: 13 %
Pavilion Angle: 40.8°
Pavilion Depth: 43 %
Star length: 50 %
Lower Half: 80 %
Girdle: Medium to Slightly Thick, Faceted
Culet: None

Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None


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