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Hi everyone,
I was on here a few years ago and got some great advice and I am needing some feedback now......

I have decided to re-set my wife's engagement ring. She always has wanted a ring with a larger halo (more of the cluster look, not smaller melee), but I got her a solitaire with diamonds all around the band.

Her center stone is a Radiant D color, 2.38 carats VS2, and is rectangular in shape.

The halo will be comprised of 5 pointers surrounding the Radiant diamond. 2 or 3 round 1/4 carat stones will be on each side on the band.
The stems taper in to the center of the top of the band, so that there is no lower basket. These 4 stems will be covered with micro-pave diamonds.

I was hoping to have the halo set at an angle, but the jeweler said that the stones are too large to set angled without gaps. Given that my wife wants the larger stones, I'm fine with that.

1. Do you think wrapping the edges with micro-pave or smaller stones, so as to avoid visible metal, is possible? I know same sized stones are impossible to wrap the halo with......I think??

2. Also, any advice on the space between the stems and the first round stone on the band? Should it be moved up closer? Would 3 stones on each side of the halo be better than just 2 so it flows better?

3. Should I have diamonds go all the way around, with 10 pointers continuing after the 25 pointers? Would such a graduation look nice?

I just want this ring to sparkle (even if admittedly slightly gaudy, haha). Please help!

Thank you very much!

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