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Wanted to post this into a new thread because it's something that is talked about a lot.


Spic posted this on another thread:


And noted that HCA does not always equal great light return. So I read the link.


It's interesting because yes I very much agree, the HCA tool should not be used by itself or out of context while searching--none of the tools should. I think the HCA as well as other tools, should be used in conjunction in order to form a fuller picture. 


However, people often ask us here...what does the HCA score really mean? How did Diamond A with AGS0 proportions get a 3.5, and Diamond B with AGS 7 proportions get a 1.3?? Whats going on?!


So I just read the url above with the educational stone, and yes I agree that the Isee2 score isn't stellar, but I really LOVE that BrillianceScope rating and images! What exactly is so wrong with it? Just because it scores lower on white light means it's not a great stone? I can see that the arrows aren't sharp at the ends, so this probably wouldn't be an H&A stone, but I think it looks amazing and fiery on that Bscope rating. Definitely not a dud. It's not like we are talking a maul cut here are we?


Experts, please chime in with your thoughts on this type of stone. I almost feel like it's getting knocked for not being a 'super ideal'. It's got good numbers and lots of fire. It's not H&A but if it was discounted appropriately, seems like it'd be a great budget stone for someone who couldn't afford the superideal H&A's we all love so much (myself included). Thoughts?


I love educational stones, but what about one of those AGS 0 stones that scored a 5.5 on the HCA with horrible Bscope ratings? Or that AGS 7 stone that scores 1.5 on the HCA and has great Bscope ratings (actually that'd be something like Chris's stone bought from GOG this last weekend!).


To see an educational stone like this, with pretty great Bscope scores, AGS0 scoring and excellent HCA scoring to me doesn't scream dud..even though the Isee2 says so. Image

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