Post by golfnut » January 28th, 2012, 3:08 am
hello everyone, first post here and its an important one! as you can see by my username, when it comes to golf i am not so much.

im planning on proposing to my gf next month and of course am going through the process of buying the perfect ring.

she did make it fairly easy on me to look as she had some pretty set ideas in mind and i was able to find the perfect band on blue nile. now comes the hard part, choosing the right rock.

we just bought a house together last year so my budget isnt allowing for the most extravagant of diamonds yet, but im trying my best to get something at least respectable. with that being said im trying to keep the diamond budget around $1500 for a total ring cost at or under 3k.

i do have a diamond on hold at BN rigjt now which i will post specs for at the end of this post but as a noobie i also have some other questions.

1.i know my money will not go as far at a mall jewelwry store, but they definitely have given me options to consider in my budget. for example, one shop offers a 25% discount for ama members here in canada. this allowed me an option, however the diamond they said thats in my range was only a 0.5 vs1 H color. it was however not certified which brings me to my next question:

2. obviously im no expert. is an uncertified diamond just a big no-no? im assuming yes. even if i look at it in the scope, i have no idea what im looking for to guage price vs value.

3. should i just stop looking at local stores? i assume my hard earned dollars will fetch me more product online than anything local...

and lastly onto the ring. the band i have in mind is ring 19842 at blue nile. here is the diamond i have in mind. i am open to other opinions of going bigger or smaller with some advice from all the experts on here. hope to hear what you all think and hopefully you guys can ease my mind! its a tough but exciting time!

0.58 RB
blue nile ideal cut (gia says excellent)
i color

depth: 61.7%
Table %: 55%
Girdle:Thin to Medium
Measurements: 5.40 x 5.36 x 3.32 mm
GIA report shows "cloud"

what does everyone think of the band/stone combo? is it too small? :s i hope not...

anyways, thanks in advance and hopefully i can find some advice on here!