Post by hootpie » June 19th, 2007, 11:05 am
I was referred here by a member (thanks Lauren)...she said it was the best place to ask for advice.

I have the option to get a 950 palladium setting and 5 year service warranty (unlimited sizing, cleaning, polishing, checking of the setting--on the entire ring, not just the setting) or a platinum setting (no warranty) for the same price (tiffany setting).

I like that the palladium is more resistant, but I don't like that it is lighter. I like that the platinum is heavier, but I don't like that it dings easy.

I'd ask my girlfriend, but I'm asking her to marry me and it would ruin the surprise Image if I asked for her input. She currently has a 14k white gold .5ct ring that hasn't yellowed and that she isn't allergic to, but I want to get her something higher quality for her engagement ring.

I honestly can't decide between the Image


I should probably explain how I'm getting them for the same price:

Platinum setting from whiteflash, which is where I'm getting the diamond - $450

Palladium setting from RB's - $180
Setting fee - $225 (yikes)
Warranty - $75
Total - $480

I am paying a premium when I go with the palladium, but I also have the option to get the warranty.

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