Post by plummiecat » March 14th, 2012, 3:25 pm
I recently purchased the Vatche platinum U113 setting. My husband immediately noticed a popped bubble in the metal when using a 10x loupe when we first opened the box. To the naked eye the defect looks like a tiny, tiny speck of dust about the size of a pin point. The spot is at the base of a prong. I contacted the jeweler I purchased the ring from who then contacted Vatche. I asked for a new setting but was told Vatche could fix the spot with a laser. My question is will this laser be able to fix the spot and have the ring look "perfect"? I remember reading recent posts by a PSer who stated Vatche made the issue with her ring worse with each repair. I can't decide if I should leave the ring alone or send it to Vatche. I'm disappointed the ring isn't perfect, especially since it is the most expensive item we have ever purchased, next to our home, but the flaw is very tiny. I would greatly appreciate everyone's opinions. Thanks.