Post by mowgli1 » September 27th, 2004, 5:33 am
I have been doing research on the asscher cut and was thinking about purchasing the following diamond from bluenile. I''m unsure about the table, but I thought the rest seemed fine. I am slightly concerned about the price though.....does it seem reasonable? The specs are as follows:

cost: $5897.00
carat: 1.15
Cut: Very Good
Colour: E
Clarity: VS1
Depth %: 69.8%
Table %: 57%
Symmetry: Very good
Polish: Very good
Girdle: Slightly thick
Culet: None
Fluorescence: None
Measurements: 5.92x5.76x4.02 mm
Length/width ratio: 1.03

Any help is really appreciated.