Post by AugustSentinel » October 28th, 2005, 12:10 am
I just joined this site. And first I must say before I joined I spent a good half hour just reading the various topics on here. This site is packed with info and I am sure I will find some excellent advice here.

Ok... tomorrow I am going to buy the engagement ring for my girlfriend of 4 years this next March. We went looking about two months back so I could get an idea of what kind of rings she likes. (we just "happened" to wander into the jewelry store and after a while "wandered" over to the engagement section)

Ok my first question revolves around asking the father for permission. I know it is traditional. I am a very traditional guy and was raised that this was the way to do it. BUT. Her father does not care for me. Actually he despises me. He hates the fact we live together before we are married and thinks my choice of career will go nowhere. He works in downgrading remarks about me to her when he can get the chance and has even tried to talk her into going to college away from here. Being around him is uncomfortable at best. What should I do?

Second. I have a proposal idea planned out. Or at least the beginning of one. I want to do a Christmas proposal. But with the 12 Days/Gifts of Xmas theme. Like 12 roses, 11 of something, 10 of something all the way down to 1 Engagement Ring. I''d like to propose in front of family while we are all unwrapping gifts. (again another problem because it will be near impossible to get my mother and father at the same place along with hers) I am just having a hard time figuring out all the gifts. I would greatly appreciate ideas here.

Ok finally.... I know wedding planning comes on down the road. But there is only one aspect that gives me problems when I think about it. How to choose a best man? I don''t have one close friend but have been blessed with a group of them. I hold each individual in this group in the same regard. I thought about just choosing the one I have known the longest but he and I are just now renewing a friendship after several downfalls. I am suppose to be the best man at one of their weddings so am I suppose to choose him? I considered easing any playground political trouble by just choosing my dad (not at all just an easy way out.... I would be honored to have my dad as my best man) Any thoughts or advice?

I look forward to reading any suggestions or advice and appreciate the time taken.