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Happy new week all!Image

I just wanted to mention the FUN aspect of working out and trying to eat in a healthier way this week.  With working out, as we all know if it isn't somewhat enjoyable, then you won't stick to it.  Over challenging yourself isn't a good thing as you are setting yourself up for failure.  Likewise doing an activity you don't enjoy with workouts is going to make you dread it which can be very self defeating.  For example, I really don't like using an elliptical that much for some reason * scratches head as to why* but I am fine on my treddy and will happily hop on that without a care.  I know the reverse is true for others, for example Rod really prefers the elliptical and doesn't use the treddy that much from what I understand.  Others prefer to not use machinery at all but would rather walk, run, take dance classes, aerobics or sports.  But the bottom line is to choose a set of activities you will actually do and even if you don't leap into each session with a happy enthusiastic cry, that you can find the motivation within yourself to keep going!  And that is the key, not that you miss the odd session here and there, but that you keep going - again perfection isn't what matters, but as we always say slow and steady wins the race with the three P's - practise, patience and persistance!

With food it is important to eat healthy foods you actually enjoy in order to work towards a healthier lifestyle for a lifetime.  Boredom can often sabotage our best efforts, so now with spring really on its way, make a point of trying out a new seasonal fruit or vegetables and look at new recipes where you might use them when you get the opportunity - you might be surprised!  Keep things interesting with salads by adding different veggies and ingredients, look at unusual gourmet vinegars and experiment with dressings  - but also sometimes just enjoy a basic green salad with a simple oil and vinegar or lemon juice dressing as a side dish, an easy way to get an extra veggie serving in.

Have a great week!
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