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Hi everyone,

I have been a lurker for a while, especially in the colored stones forum.  My boyfriend and I did a lot of looking to find a cushion cut purple sapphire for a halo ering.  We found the setting that we wanted but it had an amethyst in it, which was too light purple for my taste, and I wanted a more durable stone for my ering. 

We had a very hard time finding a purple sapphire in the cut and dimensions that we wanted, in a deep purple.  We have been working with a local jeweler and none of the stones they found for us were really what we were looking for.  About 3 weeks ago we found one online and purchased it.  The gemologist at the jewelery store confirmed it was a real sapphire and said it was eye clean with no major inclusions or anything that would affect the durability of the stone.  And it was the perfect size for the setting  So we handed it over to have them place the stone in the setting.

But now, after reading more posts about windows and "dead stones"  I am beginning to worry that the stone is to dark and has a large window.

I''m a little scared for feedback, but I would like to have some input.

Thanks everyone in advance- you guys are an amazing community and I am glad to take the plunge into participating!

The photos I took are pretty bad- I took them quickly in direct sunlight before we took the stone to the jeweler... let''s see if they attach...

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