Post by Ayers » March 24th, 2009, 4:39 pm
I''m helping a friend track down a sapphire engagement ring - it feels a lot harder than the diamond shopping I did for myself a few months ago (and that was tough!)

He''s looking for a:
Ceylon, untreated, 7x9mm, oval sapphire

and a custom setting with a trellis solitaire look that is contoured (thinner at top)

1) Looking at a few sites reveal a WIDE range of prices from cheap ( to expensive (cherrypicked). How would I know I''m not getting ripped off? There were a few on that also looked good.

2) What kind of certification is reliable?

3) Can you buy custom settings pretty easily without buying the stone?

4) Any other factors I need to ask him about?

Thanks a ton!