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That last Fancy Vivid Blue cushion I posted about a couple weeks ago got away. ;(
Someone bought it minutes before I tried to. Whaaaa.

A GIA VS2 grade is a big plus to me.
I like to keep the clarity up, but it's very hard to do in FCDs since the selection is already so limited.

I want a vivid or intense pure blue to slip into my color wheel between the Grayish Violet and the Greenish Blue.
While 16-pt is small, it's about as dear as I can swing in pure blue with no gray modifier.
Also my 8-point Greenish Blue pear has taught me that small does not mean wimpy when the color is respectable.
Look how well that 8-point pear at the bottom holds up to others that are almost 4 times its weight, even though it is only Intense, not Vivid.

BTW, my little collection has had some additions and subtractions since this pic was taken, and I'll post more pics soon.

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