Post by selflove » April 4th, 2006, 3:54 pm
With 4 weeks to go, I''m completely overwhelmed.  It''s not that I have anything to do or plan, I''m totally on the ball with that.  But still I''m having recurring nightmares about the wedding now, off and on for about a week.  I look at the calendar and I''m practically having an anxiety attack thinking about the date getting closer and having to pull off this event with all kinds of people coming to town and feeling pressure to people-please. (And now the wedding in Slovenia is unravelling with it seeming like our priest is pulling out but I am letting FI handle that...)

So, am I the only one who just wishes we had eloped?  I hadn''t wanted any regrets about not having a wedding with friends and family so I chose not to elope.  Hopefully all this stress is going to be worth it!!  Maybe I''ll feel differently by tomorrow or next week...I sure hope so.