Post by Tigarlily1 » September 21st, 2010, 8:25 am
Hey everyone! My Fiance and I are a little on the older side (27 & 28) and will be getting married next summer. When it comes to registries and gifts for the bridal shower/wedding I am clueless on what to do...
My Fiance and I bought a house back in February (had a family housewarming party in May) and were living together for a year before we bought. In total, I've been living on my own for the past 10 years so we really don't need too much stuff for the house. Traditionally registries were for things for your new house and beginning life together. I could probably go and register for a bunch of stuff I *want* but I don't really need it... and on top of that I really don't want to clutter my house up! I have thought about registering for money toward the honeymoon but I am not sure how that would work. The travel agent we booked through can set one up for me but all of the "gifts" must be in before May 27 and we aren't getting married till July so I just don't think thats going to work. Maybe I can set one up separately online?

Maybe I should not register at all then all we would get (I hope) are meaningful gifts that people really want to give us and money? What do you think? Is anyone else in this situation? Thanks!
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