Post by Zoe » March 12th, 2007, 12:37 pm
Sweetpea''s topic of whether or not to put "and guest" on invitations got me thinking.  When my sister was planning her wedding (which was last August), she ran into a sticky situation regarding family friends'' and their children.  I''m wondering what you would have done, had you been in a similar situation.
My parents'' best friends in town have four children (all adults, all with children of their own).  My sister (and I) know all 4 "kids", but one or two of them are closer
to her (and me) than the others.  The youngest, C., is the closest in age to us, and when we were growing up, C. used to babysit us and she was the one we saw most often.  The oldest, J., is someone who we have both babysat for and seem to know fairly well in different circumstances over the years.  THe two middle children, R. and M., are the two who my sister (and I) never really knew well.  During certain holidays we tend to see my parents'' best friends, their four kids (C., J., R, and M), and all of THEIR kids.  Just as we know C. and J. best, we also know their children the best as well.

It was a given that my parents'' best friends were invited to my sister''s wedding.  My sister debated over whether to also invite:

1) best friends'' 4 children AND their kids
2) best friends'' 4 children but not their kids
3) only the one or two adult children who my sister feels closer to AND their kids
4) only the one or two adult children who my sister feels closer to but not their kids

I realize that it could depend on the setting of the wedding (is it condusive to having little ones, etc.) and $, and since the wedding has come and gone, it might be a moot point.  I''m asking to see what you''d do, but also because I know I''ll be in the exact same position one day. 

Would you only invite kids of those friends and family who you were closest to or would it be an all or nothing situation?