Post by Krisgh15 » August 12th, 2016, 12:35 pm
Welp, my gf found the ring :/

She didn't open the box so she said she is so excited to see what is in it, but now I feel like I have a slim chance at an element of surprise.

We love to travel and usually take 1-2 trips a month. We have recently put a pause on vacations as we have both trying to build our saving, obviously mine went into the ring :). So we don't have any vacations planned until November. I had planned a surprise vacation to San Diego over labor day weekend. San Diego was the first trip we took together. My plan was to surprise her with the trip and then propose in SD. She still does not know about the trip I have planned. Well now that she knows about the ring, I feel like soon as she knows I planned a vacation she is going to know a proposal is coming sometime during the trip. lol I know that will make me anxious and probably make her even more anxious. So now I'm thinking of proposing to her the morning before our flight and then telling her we are setting off to SD celebrate. Our flight is at 8am so I'm going to be in a bit of a time crunch as we aren't morning people.

Should I just propose a few days before the planned trip? Day of?
Still propose on the trip?
Do something crazy like propose at the airport or on the plane?

lol I'm freaking out over here..... so any ideas are appreciated.