Post by coffee » July 30th, 2015, 4:36 pm
I own a large coffee shop. We are between collage housing and a couple of office towers. All most every week there is a planned proposal or 2 that the floor superior will help with. A lot of times there will be a proposals that surprise everyone.

My GF is the is the front of the house manager. Over the last few years I bet she has seen 400+ proposals. I hear about them all the time and she tells me all the time what the best proposal for her would be. Most of the time it's about different ways, but within our shop.

Yesterday we were at the mall and we were joking about engagement rings. She picked out a stile she wants and as a joke she got her fingered measured. I was able to drop the clerk a business card with text me on the back. Long store short I pick up the ring Friday morning.

*Thought is to get part of her family to come in witch is semi normal. Start playing a boogie woogie on the piano (I only play at work when I get frustrated and happens about once a week). Have a couple friends there that would take over on the piano so I could dance with my GF and then propose after we danced.

*Thought is to send her out on a delivery and when she is out have our family’s come in. Get a collage guy to set up “his proposal” with the floor supervisor so we can have her favorite dance song. After my GF is back have get the music playing. No one would dance thinking it was a proposal. Grab my GF's hand dance with her and propose at the end of the song.

*Thought is to work something out with one of the bands. She deals with the bands and I don't know if I would be able to trust any of them. I could give it a try.