Post by marcy » June 7th, 2010, 8:16 am
Where has this year gone? It is already June? Wow!

This week I am reflecting on the positive changes we’ve all made in our lives or we are working at achieving through our motivation and dedication to becoming healthier.

Seeing Merry beaming in her recent photos makes me so proud of her and happy for her. We’ve all had those moments when we stood up proudly for the camera because we know we’ve been working hard at improving ourselves, whether it is in mind, body, spirit or toning. All of us to come to this thread (those that participate and those who lurk) because we are trying to become or maintain a healthy life.

Be proud of your accomplishments whether it be something major like Merry’s 52 pounds or something small like passing up a piece of chocolate. Big or little, those wise choices will bring us results that will bring a sense of pride and accomplishment both today and also help us lead healthier lives in the long run.
Like I told the friend I ran in to at the WW walk this weekend; I really struggle to keep weight off now; I have gained some of it back but I continue to try. I have not given up. Trust me the old Marcy would never, ever gone to join a group of people for a walk in the park.

Baby steps, my HLT friends; Baby steps.

Have a great week.
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