Post by HollyS » June 11th, 2012, 6:13 pm
I'm I the only one befuddled by the popularity of Mad Men? DH and I have seen most of this season's episodes, know the back story for the seasons that we didn't watch, but still . . . it eludes me. I don't understand why this is considered great tv.

Am I missing something? Irony? Camp? What?

It does, (ironically), remind me of some late 60s and early 70s movies. When vague and disjointed seemed so avant garde.

Is there a significance to Don's dentist issues and hot tooth? Why is he unhappy? Why is he the one having hallucinations if Roger is the one tripping on LSD? Why move to bigger offices? Why is that an important plot point? And Megan's mother - - just here to give Roger someone to have sex with? Or is she important, and how?

It all seems so . . . "So what?"

If you are invested in these characters, and care about the show, please tell me why.

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