Post by Lynn B » March 5th, 2010, 2:16 pm

SO... Bentley is finally home and I am so happy and excited I can barely stand it!

We picked him up from Megailee Ragdolls in the Raleigh, NC area on Monday and drove the 10 hours home.  And I can honestly say that those were some of the best 10 hours of my life!!!  Image   That little baby was SO GOOD in the car!  We started him out in his carrier, but he started to cry (oh-so-pitifully!!!) so I took him out and he immediately settled right down in my lap, and there he stayed... for 10 long hours!  We snuggled, he napped, he streeeeeeeetched, he flopped, he purred, he looked out the window... and I fell more in love by the minute!   Image

He is so sweet and so precious.  He's adventurous, bold and fearless, yet he is also such a cuddlebug, purr-box and a total lap-kitty.  He's simply magical.  I told Gail that I think he's been sprinkled with pixie dust!!!   Image

Stay tuned for LOTS of pictures!      Image

(BTW, I will eventually add some of these pictures to our regular Ragdoll thread, but I just felt like my little guy deserved his own "Welcome Home" thread!)

In the car...

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And THAT'S my story and I'm sticking to it!