Post by Lynn B » August 30th, 2008, 12:23 pm
We are going to be doing a full kitchen remodel soon, and as I have never had stainless appliances, I need some PS wisdom and advice, please!

I will be having white cabinets custom made and (probably) black granite counter tops.  I think stainless appliances would look lovely BUUUUUT... I have some questions.

I have heard that stainless requires some pretty diligent upkeep; and while we are pretty tidy, it would bug me -- I just don''t want to wrestle relentlessly with spots, smears, fingerprints, etc. on the appliances. 

I have researched GE''s "Clean Steel" line and think I LOVE it!  The finish is lovely (although a bit *different* than traditional stainless, a bit more grey and *matte*) but it is magnetic (which I REALLY like for the fridge) and supposed to be very resistant to smears, fingerprints, etc.  I would get all my appliances in that finish without reservation, BUUUUUUT... I will be needing a drop-in (slide-in) range, and GE doesn''t make any in the Clean Steel finish!!!  Image

So, what would you do? 

1.  Get a traditional stainless range and *hope* it looks OK with the Clean Steel dishwasher and fridge? 

2.  OR, would you forget the Clean Steel altogether and get all 3 appliances in regular stainless and just fight the smudges (and give up the magnetic aspect of the fridge)? 

3.  OR, forget stainless altogether and just go with white appliances?  

All input, suggestions, and advice welcome!   THANK YOU very much.


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