Post by Ms P » October 1st, 2008, 2:59 pm
I live in an apartment and have been wanting to get a pet for a while now. I have been caring for a friends husky for the past couple months and he has finally returned home. Great dog, but it secured the fact that I do not want a dog at this point in my life. I loved taking him jogging, out to the dog parks, and to work but a dog just isn''t my lifestyle. I''m away too many nights and having to get someone to stop in and let him out late at night and early in the morning was just a hassle. I have had parrots in the past and that is top on my list right now but I''m willing to consider other animals. Anyone have experience with ferrets? I''m a bit OCD about cleaning and would be bothered by the smell that is associated with them but I suspect this is because most aren''t too terribly vigilant about cleaning up after them. I know they have a natural musky odor but can this be controlled? What about chinchillas? Are they really an interactive pet? I had a rabbit as a kid and while she was cute and cuddly, she wasn''t very interactive... she just sat there on the couch with us and like to get her ears rubbed. Cats are out.

Any experiences? I know this board has lots of dog and cat lovers but I''m sure there are other pet lovers who are just hiding the the cracks. ;-)