Post by Mara » June 25th, 2010, 8:23 am
i was cleaning up a bunch of baby stuff today, trying to 'spring clean' and organize as our small house feels cluttered if we keep too much crap around... and have come across a handful of things we never used or rarely used. which led me to think....gee we have that awesome thread on best finds ever but what about all the stuff you get suckered into buying, or people give you that just gathers dust while your kid grows up??? and for some reason i thought we had a thread like this, but i couldn't find it. or maybe i just dreamed about it. mommy brain.

here's mine..and i know some of this stuff people LOVE and used all the time, but for some reason we just never used it or it just didn't work for us. maybe some of this will help new moms too as i know it was so overwhelming to me when i was trying to figure out what we 'needed' vs what was nice to have or unnecessary.

--bottle warmer. thought we'd use it, we have the night and day and someone gave it to us. genius idea. keeps cold bottles cold, warms them when you need them. except we never got around to opening it and we just warmed bottles using hot water dispenser on our alhambra into a mug and putting bottle in there. genius for when you are feeding at 2am. finally opened up bottle warmer box at oh...2.5 months to be totally confused by the contraption and again not wanting to deal with it. i am regifting it to a preggo friend, maybe she'll have better luck.

--milkies 'milk saver'. saw this at a boutique and thought, genius! you put it on your boob and it captures any leaky milk from the unused breast when you pump or feed. i thought i'd be capturing like 30oz in that sucker. umm not so much. the first time i used it i captured like 3 drops. the second time maybe 5. granted i used to leak more in the first 4-6 weeks after birth while my supply was regulating and bbs' were figuring things out. i guess i got it too late? anyway, used 2x, never used again. $30. stupidest purchase EVER.

--razzberry teething pacifier. i know cdt's baby loved this (i think it was cdt) but J seems to just hate it so far! i bought 2 and haven't even opened the 2nd one. genius idea, a pacifier with nubs on it to help teething babies. but for whatever reason our kid hates it.

(note a pattern here, everything is genius idea til you don't use it)...

--plush blankets. it's almost always been too warm here to use them. we got about 5-7 as gifts. he has used one so far (the cream one with no crazy patterns or animals on it). on the same note, plush stuffed animals. you can't put them in the crib and he has no interest in them so far. again we got about 10 of these suckers. i am hesitant to regift them to any mom because i know chances are very good she wouldn't use them either!!

--snap n'go stroller. i am thankful we borrowed this because we used it only about a handful of times. i hated the way it pushed, it wasn't easy to close. as a result i just carted the carseat with me into stores or in shopping carts and/or put the kid in the bjorn til we got the permanent stroller we have now. funny cuz i know some moms just loved SNG but it just never worked well for me.

--johnson n' johnson baby bath/gift packs. i registered for this thinking...GENIUS. all the bath and baby care stuff in one container, no brainer for me. except you aren't supposed to use lotions in the beginning. and you aren't supposed to use baby powder anymore. and then i read that the aveeno oatmeal bath stuff was highly recommended by moms. so we have two of these gift packs just sitting there, unsued, unopened. again i want to regift but i don't want some other mom to find the same thing that i did. it could be like the gift that keeps on regifting.

other things we didn't get and i don't have regrets:

wipe warmer. didn't want him to get used to warm wipes on his bottom.
diaper genie. we use a little rattan plastic lined trash can and G just changes it out daily. so far kid is 5 months and no issues with smell.
laundry hamper. we use a wide low basket that i used elsewhere in the house for holding magazines, and just toss his clothes in there.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

-Albert Einstein