Post by Logan Sapphire » December 21st, 2010, 8:38 am
DD is 2.5 years old and has strong thighs that she clamps together when it comes to diaper changes. She simply won't open her legs (she basically crosses them at the ankles) so that I can wipe her. When it's just a wet diaper, it's less of a big deal to wipe thoroughly, or so I thought. Recently, she developed a very foul odor down there and I saw what can only be described as gunk on her private parts. I called the dr, concerned it could be a yeast infection, and was told that if she didn't seem uncomfortable (she's not- no itching or saying it's burning or hurting), then I should monitor it but not necessarily take her in, and that it probably is a result of not cleaning her well enough.

She does get a bath nightly and I kind of pat her area down with California Baby body wash. The real problem is poopy diaper changes- I have to get in between her legs to clean off the poop. Depending on how messy it is, it can migrate into her leg folds and vaginal crevices and I simply can't not clean it. Unfortunately, she hates this and cries and I end up having to hold her down and open her legs. Obviously, this is very traumatic and everyone hates it.

Is there anything anyone can suggest to help with this? I'm concerned that even my wet diaper cleanings are leading to an infection or at least bad hygiene, but I hate to have to force her to allow me to clean her.