Post by cnspotts » October 20th, 2009, 5:28 am
I''m not familar with Aveda products at all so I''m turning to you for opinions.

The situation is that our entire resort (possibly the entire company of spas & hotels) is switching over to Aveda products in the rooms and for use in the spa & salon services. I know nothing about this company other than the literature, so I have no opinion, but many of my co-workers either love it (the young ones) or hate it (the seasoned service providers). Though I''ve been in the business for many years I have never been in a location that used the products, nor have I ever had anyone until this week ask me about it. We have not yet changed over to the products but they are currently in the rooms in the hotel. 

So tell me what your views are on Aveda.
Love it, hate it and why?
Other spa/salon products  you prefer and why?
Does it really matter to you?
What are your shopping habits when visiting a resort spa/salon?
Do you buy the products that were used during your services?  (would you buy them online instead?)

Thank you so much. Image