Post by so cal girl » September 16th, 2008, 10:19 am

I have only consistently gone to the doctor in Southern California, so I don''t know if it is just like this here, or everywhere in the world.

Do any of you feel like getting in to see a doctor is some long and drawn out process? It seems like it takes forever to get an appointment. Once you get there, they are never on time. And half the time, once I get taken to the exam room, I''m still left waiting for another 20 minutes.

I have spent the last couple of days trying to have an appointment with my OBGYN. First of all, it takes 3 months to get an appointment. So I had to call in June to get my appointment for yesterday. And as I''m ON MY WAY to the appointment, which was starting in 10 minutes, they call me to cancel. Oh, the doctor went to the hospital for a delivery earlier in the day and has decided not to come back to the office. Excuse me?! If she has appointments scheduled, shouldn''t she plan on coming back?

So, I''m furious, but after I calm down a bit, I reschedule for an appointment in their other office the next town over for today at 10:30. I leave at 10:00 to drive all the way down there. I''m there at 10:30, and they probably take me to the exam room at about 10:50. 11:30 rolls around and I''m still sitting in the exam room by myself waiting for the doctor. I''ve been there for an entire hour and not seen her. I have read every single pamphlet in the room and I am starting to get incredibly annoyed. I walk out and tell them I''m leaving. They ask me if I''d like to reschedule, and I tell them no thank you, I will not be coming here anymore. The receptionist seemed apologetic, but how can they continue to run their office this way and still have so many patients?

Sorry for the really long rant, but I''m wondering if people everywhere experince this sort of treatment at the doctor, or if I am just picking the wring doctors!