Post by Zoe » July 9th, 2008, 8:06 am
Is anyone else ordering their tuxes through MW?  I''m so frustrated with them right now.  We''re leaving tomorrow for our wedding, and my FI''s tux still isn''t in.  We just called and they''re not sure if our best man''s tux is in, but the best man is picking his up at a different store.  My dad''s just arrived, which is good, but we''re really worried. 

I''m not sure if this is standard procedure for tuxes to arrive last minute or not.  We called a few days ago and the guy I spoke with was so rude to me.  I said, "I really hope they get here on time" and the guy just said "Yeah, I hope so too."  I asked him if he could look in his computer to tell me the status, and he said no.  Then my FI called and ended up speaking to the same guy.  He got the run around too, almost as if they guy was saying "well, what do you want me to do about it?  It will be in when it arrives."  The customer service at this particular store is really not good.

I''m just wondering if it really is standard for tuxes to arrive so close to an event.  I wouldn''t worry so much except that A) we''re going out of town and we''ll be over an hour away from the store and B) what if my FI''s tux isn''t right or what if it doesn''t fit correctly?  Then what?