Post by ladypirate » June 15th, 2008, 2:50 pm
I''m hoping this thread will stay non-partisan, because as far as I''m concerned, the ability to get health care should transcend politics.

So what are your thoughts? Should we have universal health care? Why or why not? Have you run into problems with health insurance personally? For those in other countries, do you have socialized health care? What do you think about the system?

Personally, I hope we get it soon. I think it''s awful that private companies run health care in this country. Health care should be based on need, not whether someone can pay for it.

I ran into my own insurance nightmare when I hurt my hand and needed surgery and 6 months of occupational therapy to regain use of it. My insurance company paid for the surgery, but wouldn''t cover my hand therapy because they only covered one hand therapist in the area, and when I called to make an appointment, they told me they couldn''t see me for at least two months. They said they''d call me when they had a spot available.

My surgeon said that if I didn''t start soon, I would be left with limited mobility, so I elected to pay out of pocket for my own occupational therapy. I finally did hear back from the insurance-covered therapist...after I had already been in therapy for three and a half months, twice a week for two hours at a time. Even with all that, it took another two and a half months to regain 90-95% mobility. My therapist said that if I had waited until the other office could fit me in, I probable would never have gained back more than 60-70%.

The health system in this country is ranked 37th in the world because it''s run for profit and not for the well-being of those in our nation. Something has to change, and I hope it''s soon. Image
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