Post by sillyberry » July 5th, 2010, 3:09 pm
Thank you for all your hard work getting 2.0 up and running - I know it has been a long and challenging project and I really appreciate all your efforts!

I do have a few suggestions, though, in the spirit of making Pricescope the best it can be. I tried to think of things that are not just different and must be gotten used to (there are other qualities of 2.0 that I'm not crazy about but don't doubt will be normal in due time).

Here is my list:

1. It would be nice to switch back the order of LIW and BWW - I had gotten used to it!
2. The "new" tab for going to the newest unread post could be bigger (and clearer as to its purpose).
3. It would be nice to have physical demarcation between permanent topics in forums like there used to be.
4. On the main forum page, it says who made the latest post on a board, but not on what thread. It would be great to have back on which the thread the post was made.
5. I really miss not being able to go back and read users old posts (seeing what some long-timers posted back in 2004 is super entertaining!). If that feature if available here, I wish it were more readily accessible.
6. I would prefer if outside links opened into a new tab like they used to.

Thank you for reading!