Post by Ellen » September 13th, 2008, 3:04 am

Seriously. I noticed a few weeks ago that my front doormat looked wet, but not all over. I couldn''t figure out what would have caused this, as it''s under an enclosed stoop. I just kind of stared at it and did this ----> Image But, went on about my business and never mentioned it.

Yesterday my son came in the front door and said there was a squirrel sitting on the doormat. They had a bit of a stare down, my son finally moved toward the door and the squirrel ran off. But he said the doormat was wet, he thought it peed on it. I just laughed, like yeah right. Then hubby tells me, Oh yeah, that squirrels been sitting/peeing on the doormat, I see him when I go out the side door in the morning to get the paper. All I could think was, and you failed to mention this because.....

So, my questions are, WHY would a squirrel do this? We''ve lived here 21 years, never had a problem like this. lol And more importantly, just how does one go about getting a squirrel to stop using your front stoop as a urinal? Image 

Will changing the doormat be enough? Those things aren''t cheap, I don''t want to ruin another one, and I don''t want a rubber one.

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