Engagement Ring Surprise – Should You Surprise Her?

  1. If you are in any doubt fellows, you buy the diamond and let her be involved in choosing the ring. Learning about rings is helpful, but even if her brother is
    a jewelry expert chances are he will still pick the wrong style.
  2. With the very best intentions, your family may suggest you pop the question with great-grandmother’s ring. So even if she hates it she will be stuck with
    it for life, or worse still the first family feud will have begun! Even if the diamond is spectacular, let your bride-to-be choose to use it or not, and even
    if she accepts the family jewels give her the opportunity to reset it.
  3. Consider her personal style before choosing a setting. If she is a traditional and tailored girl go for a classic like a prong setting or a subtle cluster.
    Does she like a bold statement? Go for a bezel setting or add a dash of color with side gemstones like sapphires or rubies. Does she go for the dazzling
    original? Try a pave setting.
  4. Does she want the most splash, and you have insufficient cash? Then consider a three stone ring. Three diamonds of 1/3rd of a carat (1.00ct total) could cost
    as little as a third of a 1.00ct solitaire!
  5. Listen for clues when she window-shops or leafs through issues of bride magazines. Notice which of her friends’ rings she really likes.
  6. Consider the shape and size of her hand. If she has tiny fingers, she will probably prefer a delicate ring setting, while a tiny, thin setting on a large
    hand would not be a good look.

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