Clarity grading

Gems are basically divided into three
catagories by the GIA for purposes of clarity grading. Type I, type II and type

I will quote from the GIA Colored Stone
Grading Workbook.

Type I Colored Stones (Often virtually

Type II Colored Stones (Usually Included).

Type III Colored Stones (Almost always

As you can see, a type I colored stone VVS
grade is eye clean with inclusions that are difficult to see under 10x
magnification and invisible to the unaided eye, while a type III VVS has
inclusions that are easy to see under 10x magnification and may have eye
visible inclusions.

What’s a poor rookie to do?

Well one thing to do is to understand the
above scales and which stones are in which category. Do NOT be surprised if
your local retailer does not know each stone in every category, or even what
you are talking about!

Do understand that if your local retailer
does not have at least a fair understanding of which stones should normally be
eye clean, and which stones are still beautiful even with fair amounts of eye
visible inclusions, that you should probably be looking for a different local
retailer if you are in the market for a good buy on a colored stone.


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