Look what they done to my ring, Ma, Look what they done to my ring!

Look what they done to my ring, Ma, Look what they done to my ring!
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Probably too old a song for most of you to know...

Our client is a six hour drive away from us, and his new fiance did not want to be without the ring to mail it back to us so she took it without telling our client to a local jeweler.   The jeweler on pickup told her that the ring was hollow and that he had to work extra hard to fix it after he broke it sizing it down a size.  (From 6 to 5.5 if my memory serves me correctly.  Here is one of a series of photos of the damage that was done.

The original ring is a Vatche piece, not hollow and quite well made.  The pictures mostly speak for themselves, but suffice it to say that when you take a ring, any ring to be sized, be sure to look at the quality of rings in the cases and ask about the experience of the bench.  It turns out this jeweler uses his apprentice son as the bench and he did not want to take any responsibility for the poor craftsmanship.  In fact he originally doubled the quoted price and tried to charge her for this horrible work.

Vatche remade the ring from scratch, and the jeweler's wife paid my client for the new ring and refunded the charge, as she too recognized that her husband was being a dodo.