Fantastic blueish green beryl

Fantastic blueish green beryl
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This stone is nowhere near blue enough to qualify for the aquamarine name as it is used today, nor green enough to be used with the emerald name, although most jewelers and clients would probably call it a light green emerald.  Some would call it a sea green aquamarine but I think it lacks sufficient blue for that name to impart the true beauty of this stone.  Concave faceted by Richard Homer, it is a stone to make your heart happy!


P.S.  Here is what Richard had to say about this gem, he says it better than I:

I have attached two images of two very nice blue green Beryls....this
is that nice saturate, unique material from Madagascar that is more
reminiscent to Emerald than to Green Beryl or Aqua; it has both iron
and chrome is hard to define and yet quite desirable for
just that is so very unique and I am not likely to come
upon any more of it.  I think this is a better gem than non-heat
treated aqua, for which there will always be some; this unique beryl
from Madagascar---who knows if any more will every show up again!

Please note that these photos are taken at very close up.  The light
veiling you see in #4939 is not visible to the naked eye and the other
gem is eye clean too.  



P.P.S.  I liked this stone so much that I bought it!  It is another one of those I kind of hope I never sell.