Post by Jewel_Huntress » February 8th, 2012, 4:45 pm
Hello PS Community,


Sorry for the 2 posts in as many days ... (I hope I posted this in the correct area as well... I am very new to all of this so apologies in advance if I make an error somewhere).

Today I was on my way home and noticed that a pawnshop was going out of business and today was their last day - so i thought what the heck and why not? There wasnt much left but a cute little ring caught my eye so I asked (who I presume) is the owner who told me its only $20. He didnt know much about it except that it was 14K white and yellow gold with a diamond (a very very small one but thats fine with me)... I only asked him that because I noticed that there was no markings what so ever inside the ring. I always thought there should be some kind of marking for atleast the gold used on rings? His explanation was that it may have been resized and the markings were removed during that.

Anyways to make a long story short ... I am happy with the price - I mean what can you get with $20 these days anyways?!? I did a quick google search and found my identical ring here:

This is were my confusion comes in :confused: ... the site claims it is Traub Orange Blossom & Art Deco yet looking at the other pictures/websites this ring and style doesnt seem like it. I know it is a long shot but how do I go about determining what this ring is? Authentic? Fake? Reproduction? I know that I can visit a jewellers to determine whether the gold and diamond are real but inregards to everything else am I out of luck.

If anyone has taken the time to read this far than thank you so very much...Im sorry I tend to ramble and hope that I was able to clearly get my questions across.