Post by OldAndMine » January 4th, 2012, 11:42 pm
Hi there. I am new around here but have been lurking for many years, and have now finally gather enough courage to pop my head in here and ask this question. I was not sure where to post this, so I have posted the same question in the latest thread I could find dated Oct 2011 discussing purchasing from Lang Antique, and here. I am a long time fan of anything antique and have fallen in love with the Old Mine Cut some years ago. I heard good things about Lang, so I have been looking through their stuff recently. I have also been reading some feedback about Lang in this forum and yelp. It seems from the comments, their service is very good, their product range and quality amazing, but their prices is on the high side. What I would like to hear more about is

(1) whether their relatively higher prices are justified and whether their descriptions of their diamonds in particular are "generally" accurate, given that some stones can't be removed from their setting without taking too much of a risk and that examination of stones in their settings can not be done to the same level as those which can be removed.
I looked through their website and reading about their staff members they seem to be very well staffed with qualified and experienced gemologist. I know that as with all antiques it can be hard to quantify "quality" and therefore "justified price". I suppose I am talking "on average".

(2) I prefer stones with their original settings (or settings with their original stones), although I understand that "original" can also be hard to establish as there is no real way of telling if some stones have been moved around several settings many years ago. If there is in fact a way to establish this, do rings with original setting and stone command a premium price?

(3) There seem to be an establish market value for Old Mine Cut of particular qualities and size. Is there a similar agreement in the market for antique platinum settings? That is, market value for good quality antique platinum setting with good craftsmanship and good condition, etc?

Thanks in advance for your comments!