Post by parlourgirl » November 19th, 2007, 10:26 pm
I just bought a pink sapphire ring from a jeweler that I have had a very good relationship with. The ring is a 2.78 cushion cut stone, with two half moon diamonds on the side. The color of the sapphire is the most intense pink with incredible fire when it catches the light. Looking down at the stone through a loop it is very clean. In order to see the chip you have to view the ring through a loop from the bottom looking up on one side. I took it to another jeweler to get another opinion. He said he was a gemologist with 20 years experience. He believed that the chip was natural in the stone. He also said being a jeweler he would not have bought it. He than showed me what he would sell me for that price. He had a lot of pink sapphires but nothing that could compare to the color of this ring. I have been looking for quite a while and really haven''t seen a color like it. Would you let a small chip on the under side of a stone keep you from purchasing it?