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How long must a girl wait!?!?!?

Is there anyone else out there who has picked a ring and is waiting for THE PROPOSAL?!?!  Here is my story:

Last year on May 2nd 2003 I met the guy of my dreams. Sweet, smiley, good looking, funny and most of all available! :) 2 and half weeks we were together and very much inseparable and have pretty much been since.  We have had 18 amazing months together and just bought a house a week ago!  He is the one I want to be with the rest of my life and knew that from the moment I laid eyes on him. 

In July this year, he took me into the city looking seriously for rings.  We had looked before but never discussed buying one at the time!!  We walked up to a shop and I was stunned with amazement at the rings that lay before me ... white gold too!  I had a little idea of what I wanted but wasn''t sure if it would suit me.  Tried it on and was right.  Then I asked to look at a princess cut diamond rotated 45degrees in a white gold solitaire setting. I fell in love instantly.  I knew that was what I wanted.  We left the ring there, reluctantly and looked around at a few other places. All I could think of was the ring at the first place.  So... went back, told him that''s exactly what I wanted and he paid a deposit!! WOWWWW did you think I could sleep that night? ?  The image of the ring kept flashing in my mind and I knew the waiting would kill me!

Well it''s 5 months later, and it''s nearly paid off.... (The deal was that I would choose a ring and he would propose as a suprise when the time it right) SO my questions is HOW LONG MUST A GIRL WAIT?!?!!?  I''m thinking just before settlement for our house in February - but that''s over 8 weeks away!

Is there anyone else out there in a similar situation!??!

Here are the details of THE ring....

Princess Cut Solitaire
.63 ct
18k white gold
F  - colour
VS1  - clarity
Near ideal measurements (4.5mm by 4.4 mm by not sure the depth)

What you think?? It sparkles like nothing else... but it will be an awesome suprise because I''m begining to forget!!

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