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A very big THANKS to Andrey for the wonderful gift for reaching 10,000 posts on PS!!!  I was so undecided because there were items I wanted from several PS vendors.  I think Andrey probably wondered if I would EVER make up my mind!  But during the holidays, my husband had asked me what I wanted for Christmas and our anniversary which is the next day, and I never told him anything. So he told me to just go pick something out after the busy time was over. Around the first week in January, I took a little trip to Tiffany''s where I found and fell in love with the Legacy wedding band (2mm)!  It was so well made and delicate and had the finest milgrain I have ever seen.  It was that touch of antique that I love, yet it could be worn with a solitaire, which is my preference.  So I decided to apply my PS gift toward resetting my beautiful 1.63 H VS1 hearts and arrows stone from Good Old Gold (t 56.7, d 61.1, ca 34.5, pa 40.8, diameter 7.6mm) in it''s permanent home...a Leon Mege classic solitaire (2mm)!  I think it is gorgeous with the Tiffany band! The Legacy band is beautiful but allows the diamond e-ring to stand out. There is a very tiny gap, but the Tiffany band is low enough to wear with the Leon solitaire.  The Leon ring came this week, but I was out of town for a few days and just returned home last night. So there are no fancy flower shots, but hopefully you can get an idea of how beautiful the rings are even though I am not in the league of someone like Ellen with diamond photography! (I wanted her to come over to take my pictures, but she said IL to NC was a little too far!)

I also want to thank Jonathan for being so patient with me, because I had the opposite of DSS!  I was originally looking for a 1.4 ct. diamond for our anniversary a year ago, and with some enabling influence around here Image, I ended up with the larger 1.63!  So every few months I''d ask Jon if he thought I should trade my stone for a smaller F VVS or something, and he always told me I had a terrific stone that was really closer to G color, and he could see no advantage to me to trade the stone I had for just higher color and clarity.  So I finally decided he was right Image and put my perfect diamond in the beautiful platinum setting it deserves!

Thank you to ALL of you who have helped me in the past and especially Tacori who shopped for settings with me originally, Harriet, Boom, Boston Jeff and others who showed me the beauty of the Leon solitaires, and MrsSalvo who has been my online setting shopping buddy the last couple of years!  I think I should probably thank my hubby, too, because he has been really wonderful and generous to want me to have what I really wanted for my anniversary rings!

It is a wonderful feeling to FINALLY really LOVE my rings!Image

Leon Mege and Tiffany rings 009.jpg
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