Post by Dreamer_D » December 14th, 2009, 3:12 pm
Can't find your favourite SMTR thread? Tired of searched turning up nothing? Then let's post all the most useful threads here in one place! Then maybe this thread can become a sticky.

Please provide links to the most useful SMTR threads, ones with collections you love, or questions you think many people will have, or discussions that were really helpful for choosing a ring design!

Let's try to avoid posting threads about a single ring unless it is a really seminal PS creation.

I'll get 'er started!

Under 1ct diamonds

Show me your 1 to 2 ct center stones!

Please show me your rings with 3+ct. centers

Emerald Cuts & Asshers, A Collection

Show us your bezel rings!

A collection of Halos

3-stones ring Girls... Are you out there?

Show me your wedding ring sets

Real Life Perspective

Show me some Van Craenest

Show me your diamond bracelets

Show me your diamond studs

Men’s ring eye candy folder

PSers with big diamonds… DSS?

One Ring to rule them all.