Post by drk14 » March 26th, 2015, 5:57 pm
With Niel's blessing, I'm re-booting the CvB show-off thread in a new and improved format. I will start by uploading pictures of jewelry previously posted by PSers in 2014, together with links to the original SMTB threads where you can find more information and additional pictures of each piece.

My hope is for all posts in this thread to be limited to EYE-CANDY and POSITIVE VIBES. By including links to the SMTB threads for each piece, readers should easily be able to find additional information so that we don't clutter up this thread with questions (if you have a question about a piece of jewelry seen here, ask in the original SMTB thread dedicated to that item).

Eye-Candy: This should be self-explanatory. Please post photos of your CvB ID jewelry (including hand shots of rings), or even CAD renderings and Caysie's concept sketches, presented for their inherent beauty. Collaborative pieces (e.g. LAD-CvB joint efforts) are welcome as long as CvB ID participated in both the design phase and fabrication. If your ring has already been posted in this thread, feel free to gratuitously post updated or new pictures at any time (in the spirit of the Shameless Showoffs thread). If you post any vendor-supplied pictures, you must crop out or obscure the company name or logo if it appears anywhere in the image.

Positive Vibes: Should also be self-explanatory. Includes compliments, congratulations, expressions of gratitude, and joyful exclamations! These are all OK in this thread, but do consider posting in the dedicated SMTB thread for the piece instead, so that the ratio of eye-candy to text remains high here. Requests for additional pictures are also appropriate in this thread.

Links: If you are posting (or-reposting) your CvB ID jewelry, please also include a link to your own SMTB thread dedicted to your piece. If you don't have your own SMTB thread, consider starting one before posting here (that way you will be able to include a link, and PSers will have a place to ask you questions without cluttering up this show-off thread).

The first 22 posts below represent an attempt to reconstruct, in approximately chronological order, a collection of representative images of CvB ID jewelry commissioned by PS members to date. Where available, a link to the original thread describing the piece is included. All photo credits (and copyrights) belong to the PS user named in the post, unless otherwise noted (e.g., vendor pictures are so identified below the photo). After this retrospective has been uploaded, please contribute more pictures showing off your own CvB ID eye-candy!

Enjoy! :mrgreen: