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Once again, Joe Escobar knocks it out of the park!

(Long rambling narrative to follow, skip ahead if you just want to see the pics!)

A star sapphire had been high on my wishlist for a couple of years, and Erik at Joe Escobar was keeping an eye out for the perfect one for me. He finally found one last year (December 2015) and it was love at first sight! We didn't know too much about the stone at the time, so we sent it off to AGS for a cert and lo and behold it came back as no heat. Awesome!

It was quite a bit larger than I had ever been expecting at 10.51ct and 13.18mm x 12.25mm, so I was stumped as to how to set it. I knew I wanted it in a ring, but I have relatively small fingers and just didn't know how to make a stone so large work on my fingers.

As the months went by, I would often think of my poor lonely star sapphire sitting unloved in my jewelry box with no home. It made me sad to think that it was just sitting there, but for the life of me I just couldn't figure out what to do with it. Then, one morning, I was laying in bed and came across a photo on IG that hit me hard as inspiration. I emailed Erik immediately and told him I had finally figured out what to do!

I showed him the photo and also created a little very rough sketch (I can't even draw a circle or a straight line, so believe me when I say the sketch was *rough*) and tried to explain in words what I was going for. Luckily he understands my crazy by now and speaks my language, so he understood what I was getting at. A week or so went by while Maia, JE's in house designer, went to work on a sketch to bring my vision to life. We settled on sketch elements and it went into the hand-carved wax phase, where we made a few more decisions and a couple of tweaks. Not even two weeks later, my ring was finished!

A million thanks and kudos to Erik, Maia, and the whole Joe Escobar crew for one again turning my visions into a reality that's beyond anything I could have ever imagined! I honestly had no idea it was going to turn out this well.

TL;DR - here it is! A 10.51ct no heat star sapphire in a custom platinum vintage-inspired halo setting with .40cts of F VS melee. Sized at 5.25 for my middle fingers, though it also fits my index fingers. I plan on wearing this as a RHR.
loose stone
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Maia's sketch
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Wax v1
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Wax v2
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