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I can't even articulate how amazed I was at the difference in my ring when I opened the package. Steven has some serious talent!! And a great eye.

The pave is as perfect as any Leon or Durnell I've seen (and I've seen a lot of Leon pave). The halo is just... perfect. I adore the 1/2 pointers so much more than I did the one pointers. The effect is just a delicate gorgeous frame that totally makes my asscher the star. The profile is different but I like it even MORE now-- especially the way Steven set my center stone!

And the rest of the ring (Steven slimmed down the shank .2 mm to 2mm and lowered the head by 2mm and slimmed down the prongs) just... it works. I am so glad I kept my original shank. And I am so glad that Steven was able to work with some of my existing parts.

All the small individual changes add up to a huge difference in the whole ring. I would not hesitate to use Steven again. Especially for pave. The pave is incredible. TRULY incredible. His website, fyi, is

These pictures were taken by Neil and already posted in Rocky Talky. I will get my own up tomorrow. But I had to tell you guys what I thought of it, since I just got it this morning.

Extreme Close-up of Halo Before:

Extreme Close up of Halo After:

Love the way Steven set the center stone:

New Profile:

Head up. This picture doesn't capture how amazing it is in person. It's just WOW.

Final Shot.

Photo shoot tomorrow!!!!!

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