Post by Laila619 » September 24th, 2011, 2:10 am
I want to start out by thanking PS and all the wonderful members of the forum for all the knowledge I've gleaned over the years! I still have my original 0.98 carat round diamond that my DH proposed with, but this is the diamond I purchased after I found PS. I fell in love with halos from the moment I first saw them on PS. I knew I had to eventually get one for the amazing finger coverage they provide. I highly recommend Eternity Diamonds, who made this custom halo. Yoni is the guy to talk to. He truly goes above and beyond, and he has been so patient and accommodating. Eternity Diamonds has amazing quality and wonderful prices. Seriously, the prices are so reasonable but the quality is there, and that's the most important thing. They use G/H ideal cut melee and it's extremely white and bright in person. They look whiter than my center stone. This is a very sturdy halo and shank, which was extremely important to me since I don't want to worry about losing stones or having to baby the ring. It's a LOT of finger coverage and it will take some getting used to, haha. But I'm sure I'll be fine with it in no time. :lol: I feel very lucky! Anyway, thanks for looking, and if you're shopping for diamond studs or a reset, I highly recommend calling Yoni. I hope they become more well-known around PS!
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