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Happy 2017!

I wanted to share a couple bling items I recently acquired. The photos are below if you wish to skip the story on how I got to them.

I dipped my toe into Van Cleef last year with a pair of MOP sweet studs (the gateway drug!!!) purchased in Paris. The prices were very attractive given the strong dollar; gosh I wish I had made my most recent purchase then! As many have noted, VCA is addictive, and I started planning my next purchase. I ended up getting the Alhambra pendant in MOP this spring and the combination of studs/pendant have been in heavy rotation since.
I had a milestone birthday this summer and marked it with the Socrate BTF ring. This ring is like art! It is exquisitely made and is probably my most eye catching VCA piece. Because it's pretty blingy, I don't wear it as often, but I don't save it for rainy days and evening wear either, (because if I did so, I'd never get any mileage out of it and it's really important to me to wear what I have!)
I then eyed the pave Frivole earrings. I made several trips to VCA, trying on practically half the items in the store and even took my friends to get their opinions. On one of my research visits, I tried the letterwood motif necklace on a whim and was really surprised at how much it spoke to me. I was planning on getting an onyx 10 motif sometime in the future but discovered that the letterwood with rose gold looked better against my skin tone. VCA's rose gold is sooooo beautiful, so close to yellow gold but slightly pink. Yummy!!!
At this time, I am still hoping to get the letterwood magic pendant in the future so that I can have the versatility in wearing it multiple ways (10 motif alone as necklace, 10 motif with magic motif, 10 motif as bracelet, magic worn long, magic worn short, possibly magic motif on the 10 motif as bracelet??? --ah, but that might get a bit much!)
At the same time that I was trying to decide between the letterwood necklace vs the Frivole earrings, DH suggested that we re-home my orinigal ER 1.7ct MRB to an earring and get another 1.7 MRB to complete a diamond stud pair!!!! :appl: I have always wanted to do this but didn't think I would be able to do it now. Can you believe I've never had a pair of diamond studs? What kind of Pricescoper am I??? Apparently a "shiny rock" :wink2:
So anyways, I couldn't turn that offer down and decided that I would get much more mileage out of studs; as beautiful as the Frivole earrings are they are a bit too blingy for my daily lifestyle. (Course if someone gifted me the Frivole, I wouldn't kick them out of bed!!!)

Ok, DH just glanced over and remarked that I'm writing a novel, so I guess I better make it a "picture book" and move on to the photos.
Thanks for reading this novel if you made it this far!

Pic 1- letterwood 10 motif
Pic 2- 10 motif with magic motif
Pic 3- 10 motif as bracelet with magic worn with double chain
Pic 4- comparison of letterwood, onyx, MOP
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