Post by Yssie » January 3rd, 2012, 8:19 pm
One word for this one: Fruition
:love: :love: :love: :bigsmile:

First, a giant THANK YOU!! to everyone for your ideas, opinions, and support in my threads - especially Asscherhalo, Bella, Charmy, Danny, Dreamer, DS, Gypsy, Haven, Hostpatogi, HOT, JuneRose, Kelpie, Laila, LD, LGK, maplefemme, MGR, Mike R., MissSC, missy, mom2boys, MrsBettyBoop, PintoBean, pregcurious, roppogni, slg, stargurl, susimoo, why2not, yenny, and of course David of Diamonds By Lauren ::)

The ring is in 18k wg, unplated of course :sun:
Centre is a 2.7 J, larger sides are 0.43 J each, smaller sides 0.12 each; size 4.
The trellis structure is handforged from wire, the shank is cast.

Thread for this part of the reset journey here:

And videos from DBL:
(Part 1 - trellis)
(Part 2 - finished ring)
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